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Linda Knott d/b/a Together We Profit or its assigns and its affiliates ("TWP"), a Maryland d/b/a, is providing TWP Members ("Addressee") information that is legally privileged and confidential, intended solely for the use of the Addressee by agreement with the "Terms of TWP Confidentiality Agreement ("TCA") herein.


Access to review TWP intellectual and confidential information requires Addressee to acknowledge the terms and conditions stated in this TCA. The introduction of this TCA supersedes all prior notices, statements, or disclaimers initially presented on and up to the last email update, including updates posted on the TWP website. Access is amended to these TCA, and any access to TWP information is denied without acknowledgment of the TCA.  


All information provided to you is confidential, proprietary, exclusive, and the intellectual property of TWP. Any unauthorized review, use, disclosure, transmission, distribution, republishing of any TWP information in part, whole, electronic, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. 


Any third-party applications, attachments, emails, links, and updates provided to the Addressee by TWP is the sole responsibility of the Addressee to review and determine its authenticity, risk, and protection under third-party requirements. TWP takes no responsibility or accepts any liability, including any accuracy of any content in part or whole from third-party sources. 


In the case where TWP provides information relating to transactions, commentary, and other information within TWP's TCA to the Addressee, via updates in emails or web subscribers, or otherwise; TWP shall not be liable for any losses, costs, expenses, or damages, suffered by the Addressee, arising from any inaccuracy or mistake in any such information disseminated. Subject to the right of TWP to void or close any transaction in the specific circumstances set out by agreement, any transaction following such inaccuracy or mistake shall nonetheless remain valid and binding in all respects on both TWP and the Addressee. TWP will work with the Addressee should inaccuracies emerge, which inaccuracies will be ratified to TWP's and the Addressee's satisfaction. 


If the Addressee violates this Agreement, and TWP has the evidence of Addressee’s violation, the Addressee will be liable to pay damages to TWP, as determined by a competent court judgment or arbitration hearing. Said liabilities may include damages, losses, including economic losses such as profit, future revenue, and goodwill, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, as suffered by TWP.


As part consideration for access to TWP's site, updates, documents, videos, et al., the Addressee acknowledges this TCA. Addressee further acknowledges that it will not disparage any member, partner, third party, officer, or member of companies associated with the information granted with this TCA for confidential information with access for review.


By accessing the TWP site, Addressee acknowledges this TCA and further acknowledges that participation is authorized as a member of TWP. If Addressee disagrees with parts or the entire TCA, access to the TWP website is forbidden. TWP does not grant unauthorized non-members the use of any information per the terms stated above. 


If you have received this email — intentional or unintentional — or any TWP digital information in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply email and permanently delete and destroy all original messages and attachments. If you, the Addressee, do not wish to receive further emails from TWP, or with this notice, Addressee is unauthorized; please email us for removal from TWP's mailing list. Do not send any credit or private/personal information by email. Any document is non-binding unless accepted by signature from an authorized representative of TWP. 


If the Addressee has executed a Non-Disclosure Agreement ("NDA") with TWP, the greater of the terms between this TCA and the NDA shall prevail. TWP reserves the right to change its policies at any time at its sole discretion.  


No information on the TWP website shall be stored or recorded in any format on any device or computer without the express written consent of TWP's principal/owner.


Any violation can be met in law to protect the legal rights of TWP within the state of Maryland. Any legal recourse is at the sole discretion of TWP.


This TCA implies that no one should have in their possession, stored on any computer, laptops, or other devices, including camera images or video, or social media platforms, any intellectual property of TWP. If TWP learns, investigates, and confirms the violation of the TCA, the member(s) could be liable for any losses/damages that may arise from the Member(s) violation.  


This TWP Terms of Confidentiality Agreement is exclusive to TWP, with no relevancy or association to the CPL Opportunity or the MikeG Deal. 


Linda Knott d/b/a Together We Profit, a Maryland d/b/a. All Rights Reserved. © 2022.

Update March 6, 2022

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