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TWP Registration Access Issues Only


This website is for informational purposes, like updates, conference calls, etc.

and "DOES NOT" contain your pledges.

The TWP membership section or support has nothing to do with your pledges or the Mike G updates.

There is a separate login section for pledges to be confirmed within this TWP website and you'll be notified when the pledge site is ready for you.

In order to gain access to the pledge login page, you must have a TWP Membership Account!

The daily updates as well as access to other areas for important information pertaining to TWP & the CPL Opportunity will be found within the members only area.

>>> When signing up, please use the same email as you used for your purchase(s) or you will NOT get approved


>>> Approvals are being done manually. They are approved once matched with the email you used when you made your pledge purchase, this takes time. So please be patient.

>>> If you signed up using a different email address than you used for your pledge purchase(s), it will be deleted.

>>> If you signed up and you spelled your email wrong, it will be deleted.

>>> If your message does not tell me what your issue is so I may help you and only contains an email address, it will be deleted. I will NOT play guessing games and I DO NOT read minds as to what you need.

>>> If you send in a message for any reason other than for your membership, it will be deleted.

>>> If you send in a message asking why you have not been approved yet, it will be deleted.

Account Registration:

How To Create An Account… Click Login, Then Click Sign Up


Once Approved...If your email confirmation never arrived, please try and login, then click the (resend confirmation) email, it comes right away.

After login, click the (Back Office) button. Here you can add your profile details and access the (Members Only) section.


I have found that certain browsers can cause an issue with certain buttons not working the 1st time. If this happens, please refresh the page or try a different browser and see if that helps before sending a support message.

Forgot Password:

Go to click login, then click the forgotten password to reset it.

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